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The Future of Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

What will be the top digital marketing trends in 2022 & what will the future of the marketing? This is a quite interesting question & when you search this question on the internet you will definitely get thousands of stories & predictions like creative marketing ideas & technologies, voice search, AI & influencer marketing etc…

Great but if you think then you will find that all this trendy news & articles have been seen from last one year. We need to analyze the future of digital marketing & its challenges. So where does our business marketing stand now? The majority of businesses/marketers are not thinking or considering future marketing yet. According to survey figures, the majority of marketers are focused only on the present, not on the upcoming future.

How & Why….? Marketing Is changing –

As we know that Digital Marketing Services is growing very fast in last 4-5 years & some people & businesses are not paying attention to it. All these marketing changes are coming in different waves for almost a decade & these marketing changes are not going to settle down easily. Digital marketing is going to the very brutal in the coming years.

As everyone knows that businesses are getting competitive & they are being aggressive towards business growth. A word growth that you hear everywhere. Form an MNC for small & start-up businesses. Growth…. Growth…. Growth.

So now what a marketer can do for the growth of the business? I am trying to explain the thing here like what is going on? How marketing is changing? What will be the future of marketing?

Marketing – What’s going on in the market –

After reading several topics, articles, I found that the marketing predictions are mainly focused on technology, channels & platforms. I think that we have been years of jumping in between the trendy channels & tools without having any solid vision or any solid objective of digital marketing.

with the advantage of effective tracing tools & digital marketing data, marketing companies are being centralized the marketing agencies to a ROI factory. Nowadays this is becoming very aggressive & marketers are shifting to the execution side from the creative side.

From the marketing industry analysis, more than 50% of the suggestions that they are likely to change their jobs within 3 years & 38% suggest that they are likely to change their job within one year. Since everyone is under stress & the marketing is shifting to the ROI, not the building the brand that can generate the future ROI.

Consumer Change – Are We ready for the next generation?

Where we are ready or not, but we have to deal with the next market generation – our latest consumer group. According to a survey our 40% next consumer will be from the new generation.

What is the impact of this shift on businesses? We could have some hints but we can’t predict the nature of the consumer group. Since the new generation has a constant change in their taste & Content consumption. SO marketers will need to catch up very fast with the creativity & solid data & details to be able to attract the next generation to the businesses.

Change in the Marketing Skills –

As we know the effect of the technology we have to tie up with the infrastructure, data, technology. Before understanding the demand of any business in the market we need to understand the environment they serve in.

As nowadays every business hire data analyst so that they can analyze the current market data & create their marketing strategy accordingly. In the current digital era, we always ready to deal with the new marketing skills & technologies. We need to understand the business requirement for the future & the marketing goals for the growth of the business.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Listed some popular marketing trends of 2021, will the detailed blog on this as well very soon.

  • AI & Automation
  • Social Commerce/Shoppable Posts
  • Micro-influencers
  • Niche social media channels
  • Vlogging
  • Personalization
  • Voice Search
  • Chatbots