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The Truth about Google PageSpeed Insights: How to Score a Perfect 100%

When you are thinking about the conversions or leads from the website, think about the website speed first.

For the conversion rate & SEO friendly website, Speed is a very important factor to keep in mind. If you don’t have a faster website people will bounce faster than your conversion rate.

Also optimizing a website & maintaining website speed is not a very easy task, since the problem could be from poor coding like unnecessary & junk codes, large & heavy images, not optimized the website properly etc.

You need to get the fix as soon as possible for a better conversion rate.

When you have optimized a website to load faster than your website bounce rate will be low & you have a better chance to rank in Google over the slows sites in Google.

To check the website speed Google has its own tool i.e. Google Page Insights, where anyone can check the website URL speed & they will also provide you some data to optimize your website more. There are few other tools like GT Metrix, Tools Pingdom from where we can check the website speed & instructions.


Why Page Speed Important

Page speed is a very important and crucial factor in the website ranking, Google Search results & conversion rates. So if you have a website & it is not up to the mark in the speed then your website will rank on the first page of the search engines.

Please check the below screenshot – As the website load time go up chances of increasing the bounce rate will be increased similarly.



So if your website has a load of 1-3 sec then you have the proper load time, similarly, if you have the load time of 10s seconds then the customer bouncing chances will be increased by 120%

Also for the same Portent found that page speed can increase the conversions & website ranking drastically. As shown in the below screenshot.



How to Use PageSpeed Insights Tool

Most of the site’s on the search engines don’t even get checked from any speed testing tools. Due to which it takes much time to load. So If you want to check your website speed then go to the Google Page Insight Tools and enter your website URL.



Now click on the analyze button to test your website speed. Once it will be finished it will tell all the details about the website load time.

How to optimize your website

DNS: Use some very fast & cache-enabled servers. If your website is on the shared hosting use some CDN (Cloudflare, Satkpath) with the build-in cache configuration.

Passing the Server Response Time: The standard server response time is 0.2s, if your server has anything above then it will mark you down as compared to the others having the standard server responsive time. To make it happens you must have the server with the latest & updated configurations.

CSS and JavaScript Render Blocking: First you have to check which CSS & Javascript files are critical for rendering after that you need to define that in the part of the HTML by inlining the
In the second step, you can enable the defer loading or asynchronous loading of the non-critical elements.
For JavaScript files, you can add defer or async attributes to the elements.

Optimize Images: Almost all the website have the images optimization issues. To resolve this issue below the few steps:

  • Manually optimize the images using the tools & update it to the server.
  • Install server add-on per Google recommendation.
  • Using PHP built-in library ImageMagick
  • Using third-party APIs such as Tinypng, ShortPixel or

Minify: Minify the JS & CSS files for faster loading. There are many plugins & codes available at Google. Codes can be updated in .htaccess files to minify the JS & CSS files.

Enable Compression: Enable the compress from the server-side. This can also be done by updating the few codes in the .htaccess file.


By following the above methods website can be optimized properly & score 100 on the Google Insight Tools. Since higher speed means higher conversion rate & website ranking in the search engines. So push your website speed to 100/100 page speed score.

If you are facing any issue with website speed optimization get in touch with us. We will help you to get in best website speed possible for your website.