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5 Inspiring Digital Agency In 2019

Software companies are mostly busy on the client’s digital products to actually arrange out their own website. But when it comes to designing a digital company site, you have to concentrate on demonstrating your rare and best work as you want to prove your designing intelligence to your clients.

However, there are lots of remarkable company sites from around the world. And we’ve successfully selected 5 of them. So let’s get started.

1.  Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs has a team of creative creators and doers who have effective yet simple thinking. Their website shows that if an agency team make a difference for their business, they will make a difference for their customers too.

Their website message delivering is clear to its audience and the nature of simple but attractive idea make it convenient. The contacts they shared on the “About Us” webpage provides genuine and precious sights that would fascinate everyone’s attention.

2. Made by Many

Made by Many has an amazingly straight forward website. Rounded abstract shapes (some of which are subtly animated) and conversational copy give the company a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

The best part is that a social kind of notification in the header menu alerts the audience to job vacancies is one of the smart ways to hunt the appropriate talent.

3. Major Tom

Major Tom links the high level strategy and placed consultancy with the executional and technological strength. As well as they make it interactive and bring clarity to their customers.
Their website simplicity and interactive stuffs get perfect to the goal of demonstrating their strength in the digital world.


4. Beyond

Beyond website is simple, innovative, colorful and with a clear message. Beyond company basically designs products and technology-led solutions.

When a person reaches their homepage, abstract shapes in the colorful design attract them. The audience can also see the pinned updates from the company.



The freak animations and reactive style of this company website are no doubt interesting. ANIMAL’s fun brand glow through the interactive basis and animations elaborate throughout every webpage