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Boom of Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Have you been a little surprised in recent times when you and your any family member strolled into your neighborhood shop and were reminded you that if you had clicked “Like” or Follow on Facebook or Twitter and that shop would have given you 25% off your pay for that day? Utilization of social media is not a new thing but when it comes to big industry and countrywide corporations, but it seems to be easily spread on with even the smallest of shops and operations.



It’s very observable that social media is appropriate for the common culture for new generations now a day. Even the older generations are also realizing the essentiality of social media marketing and its networks in order to maintain with the times, in both the ways – professionally and with friends as well. Now it’s not a big surprise that successful & top organizations have worked on the concept and marketing of social media advertising because they know that by doing this their communication or product will reach a worldwide audience.



Research shows that organizations advertising and marketing on the social media platforms are on the accurate track, as United States social media revenues for the year 2012 added up to an extraordinary $4.6 billion. What’s more, the top social media forecasters & researchers have set the sum to more than $9.2 billion by the year 2016. That is something significant considering, particularly if an organization has been tracking its user activities and trying to understand their interests and preferences.



The revenue for social media marketing and advertising are nil compared to Google’s daily advertisement revenue, which looks like to take as facts that social media marketing does not work. Forecasters and researchers disagree from this, however; now a day the revenue of social media marketing and advertising has risen comparatively well over the last few years.



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