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Full Explanation on Domain Name

You need a domain to create a website. Yes, there are many beginners who are confused between domain name and web hosting services. If you are a non-technical person then all these tech words may sound strange to you.

In this post, we will tell what is a domain name and how they work. In this guide, our goal is to find out and select the right domain name for your website.

What is the domain?

A domain name is the address of your website on the web. It converts the numeric number that makes up IP address into something attractive and simple that people can easily remember it.

A domain name is the location of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to surf your website.

The Internet is a huge network of computers connected to each other through a global network of cables. Every computer on this network can communicate with other computers.
To give a unique id to their computer each computer has its own IP address. It is a range of numbers that identify the unique computers on the network.

An IP address looks like this:

So this is clear that this kind of IP address is hard to remember so to solve these complications domain names are invented.

Now if you want to surf a website then you don’t need to remember and type the giant digits on the address bar. Instead of this, you need to just type easy to remember domain name.

How Does It Work?

To know how a domain name works, you have to know what happens when you type in your browser.

Once you type a domain name in your address bar, it first sends a request to a global network of servers that generate the Domain Name System (DNS).

These name servers are computers managed by your hosting company. Your hosting company will forward your request to the computer where your website is stored.

These servers are mainly computers that are managed by your hosting company after that your hosting company send your request to the computer where your website is stored.

The server now brings out the web page and information attached with it and finally, it forward the information back to your company.

Different type of Domain Names:

Domain names are present in various extensions and .com is the most popular extension. There are different more options like .org., .ca, .in, .edu, .tv etc

So have a look at different categories of domains which are available on the web.

1. Top Level Domain:
These are generic domains showing on the top level in the Domain Name System.
There are huge numbers of domains but the .com, .org, edu are most popular. Other than these are less popular like .biz, .club, .info etc.

2. Country Code Top Level Domain:

These are country code specific extensions which end with country code. Like .ca, .in, .uk etc.
If you are targeting a specific country then you can use these You need a domain to create a website.

3. Sponsored Top Level Domain:

This kind of domains represents a specific community. Like for government, .edu for education-related websites.