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Top 5 Predictions About The Digital Marketing for 2019

Technology trend changing each year. As users turn from custom media to digital, old gadgets to new gadgets, marketers have to discover fast and get on with modern techniques to get a benefit. It’s essential for anyone to stay updated on technology that can have strong impacts on their projects.

But as the year comes to a near, We are also looking forward to seeing what modern innovations and transforms that you can expect in 2019. So here are some predictions for you:


1. Influencer Marketing

In simple words, Influencer Marketing is just a combination of old and modern marketing tools, taking the concept of company marketing and placing it into present-day content-driven marketing.
The key difference is that the outcome of the campaign is ordinarily collaborations between influencers and brands. In 2019 Influencer Marketing will be a big name.


2. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the mixture of interactive digital kinds of stuff – like dazzling scene overlays, buzzy haptic endorsement, or other sensory projections – into our interactive atmosphere.

For instance, using GPS, brands could trigger few AR content, only available by reaching that special GPS at a special time.



3. Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is an honest digital account of financial dealings that can be coded to record not just economic transactions but virtually everything of cost. Basically, blockchain technology made the backbone of a modern kind of internet.


4. AI and machine learning Marketing Tactics

As machine learning becomes much famous, marketers are rushing to get the benefit of the technology. This is obviously a great “new entry” into the list of top 5 and advises that marketers now consider they will see a return from the deploying the brand new AI tools supporting the most of the marketing applications for AI.



5. Social Advertising

Social ad campaigns will become much competitive. In Facebook, paid advertisements will have more projects notching for that pretty place in your notification. As an outcome, there will be supreme ad rise assumptions on social media marketing. Small organizations who have not yet completely grown facebook advertisements will light the shift for Facebook to increase the number of ads.