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4 Trends That Is Changing the Future of Online Advertising

The social media has totally changed and their marketing on its head most to few truly creative advertising trends in 2019. These days, Google and Facebook kind of social sites are giving the notification again and again about the amazing stuff you saw last month but you save it in your shopping cart. As well as other social media sites like Instagram which turns it simple to buy the new clothes that Instagram celebrities are wearing in between pictures of your friends on holiday thanks to its “Buy now” feature.

For marketing that wants to stay ahead of the curve with interactive marketing, these trends can do just a trick.


1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the technology that spreads our physical world attaching layers of digital knowledge onto it. Augmented does not make the artificial world in front of us but AR appears in the straight sight of a present environment and attach audio, videos, graphics to it.

I am sure that you had enjoyed the snapchat lenses at least once, but another level of AR advertisements will give you the permission to see the sofa set in your drawing room or let you try the trendy jewelry without leaving the bed. Is it not engaging?



2. Online Gaming

As mobile data speed increases, gamers are expected to turn away from games downloaded on their personal pc and, instead of access games on the internet. This change is inviting new domains for advertisers by enabling marketers to add their unique content, including brand promotion within an online game.



3. Content Marketing

Since the beginning of social media, content marketing come in strength between brands and customers while making a new advertising territory. Small marketers also come with big power in content marketing by running a blog on their Website.
The content marketing come in popularity around 2003 with the birth of social media websites such as Facebook, twitter etc. Content marketing is the way to indirectly promote your brand which will give awareness of your product to the consumers.



4. Online Promotion (Digital Marketing)

Usually, users use the internet to find many kinds of stuff, including brands and products. When it comes on to capitalizing on reaching customers, marketers are using tool which is Google Adwords to start online advertisements with specific keywords to target their general customers. Search Engine Optimization is another best way to get any site to rank higher.