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Social Media Mistakes Hurting Your Business in 2019

Now that it’s 2019, we all know the internet is here to remain. If you are doing any kind of business, you know exactly how essential social media can be for developing a network and connecting with new users. Still, there are many mistakes social media marketers do while promoting their products. Check out how to fix them.


1. Not using videos to promote online

Video marketing is a kind of promotion you should not ignore at any cost. It is one of the interactive ways to connect with your customers. The improvement in mobile technologies and high-quality resolution make the video content widespread. You could use videos in stories, statuses or in the post to highlight your specifications and the great part is that you don’t need any fancy equipment to fulfill this task.



2. Don’t overuse #hashtags

The hashtag was first introduced by Twitter as a rule of indexing keywords to provide better search outcomes for it. After then, every social site has been gaining advantages of hashtags for similar reasons. It is true that using so many hashtags make you look desperate so use these hashtags tastefully and remember don’t use hashtags on those platforms which are not supporting searchable results. For instance, LinkedIn only allows 3 hashtags for searchable results.



3. Leaving your profile unfinished

Customers who surf your account first time will keen to know more about you so don’t miss this opportunity to tell them who you actually are and what kind of work you indulge in. So you have to generate the creative and engaging profile of your company.



4. Don’t underestimate the power of paid ads

Many new business owners don’t rely on paid social media advertisements. It may be they have already used them before and after using these ads they didn’t see any kind of improvements in business. But the truth is that these ads can boost your reach substantially and trust us they are very reasonable. So use different types of social site’s ads to target your customers.


5. Over-promoting in profiles

It is true that making these kinds of accounts is mainly for promoting your business online and sharing your company’s information, but over promoting your business on social media can make your posts neglected. So be careful about it.