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Things You Must Know While Website Revamping


Functionality should be your first point of consideration when you’re looking at revamping your website. Spend some quality time surfing the pages as a customer would. How many clicks does it take to get from the home page to the product you’re looking for? Are answers to your clients’ most common questions readily available? You may have heard of the “three clicks rule,” which states that visitors should be able to reach what they’re looking for in three clicks or fewer. While this is a decent guideline, it’s not completely accurate.


Revamping your website gives you the perfect opportunity to polish up its look and feel, but you don’t want to stray too far from your current branding. Make sure customers can still recognize where they are when they visit the site. Maintaining the same typography, color palette, and imagery can help lend an air of consistency and familiarity to the new site. Keep this in mind throughout the design process so you can stay true to the core elements of your brand.


The best content management strategy includes a diverse selection of pieces, including engaging product copy, valuable eBooks, informative white papers, and well-timed press releases. Draft a detailed plan for your content in advance so you can carefully map out where everything will fit in the new website’s hierarchy.


While a solid redesign can give your site the boost that it needs, this isn’t a strategy that you want to use often. Your revamped website should have the staying power to last for years. Make sure it’s designed in such a way that you can update it easily within the existing framework. You shouldn’t have to completely overhaul the site every time you want to add a different type of content or launch a new product line.

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