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Apps That Every Youtuber Must Install In His Smartphone

Hey guys! Welcome to our site. Here we are presenting a fresh article which is on Youtube. So friends we all know that every creator comes on Youtube with some dreams in his/her eyes, everyone wants to come on trending on this platform and come on who doesn’t want? So this article is actually only for YouTubers and here we tell you 6 basic apps that can genuinely assist you to improve your quality and even make you a top creator on Youtube. So what are you waiting for, let’s check out these 6 apps that every YouTuber must have?

1. YouTube Studio

So here we first have the YouTube studio App. The YouTube Studio app is developed particularly to assist YouTube creators to easily manage their channels. A creator can also manage his playlists and even more. So here you can easily check important notifications which can make you up to date, get stats position, respond to commenters, you can even save your video thumbnail by this amazing app.



2. Kinemaster

So this is one of the popular video editing apps between YouTubers who basically don’t have video editing skills but keen to edit their videos like a pro, so this kinemaster video editing app is best for youtube creators. KineMaster comprises many more highlights as well, such as voice changer filters, frame rate, bitrate and resolution, and support for a variety of video, audio, and file formats., control of exporting.



3. Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder comes with Sony and this is preinstalled audio recording app which comes with Sony phones for audio recording aim. This is really great for recording and playback audio on your mobile phone. An excellent app interface that provides you with simple and awesome highlights on the go. It also offers the feature of audio editing and record pause audio.



4. Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is an application which is very easy for creating thumbnails and banner for the youtube channel. This has all the awesome basic features for editing and generating thumbnails. This app is designed especially for non-designers and it is handy to create a face of the youtube video which is the thumbnail.



5. Google Keep

Google Keep is a convenient small app that helps you maintain notes and provides adjustment with Google Drive. It immediately takes what’s on your mind and gets a snooze later at the right place or time. Google Keep makes it simple to keep a thought or list for yourself and share it with your beloved ones. With the Google Keep Chrome extension, you can even bookmark websites and use them later. Also, it’s absolutely free so you can make endless notes and they won’t even utilize your Google Drive space as Docs and Gmail do. Google Keep might just be your new friend.



6. Adsense

The last app is Google Adsense. So, friends, it is obvious that if you are a YouTuber then you already know exactly about Google Adsense app and if I am not wrong then you have installed this app on your mobile phone. Google Adsense is an app where you can easily check your stats and earnings.